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What are Pear-Cut Diamonds? Wholesale Pear Gemstones in Dallas, TX USA

Among various hybrid diamond cuts, it is a Pear-shaped diamond that stands alone. The secret of its magnetic look is in the shape that combines all the bright sides both of a Round and Marquise cuts. Its shape resembles a teardrop and it makes a Pear diamond a perfect choice for both rings and necklaces.

The history of that cut began in the early XV century. Its invention is credited to a Flemish jeweler Lodewick van Berkem, who was also the inventor of the diamond grinding wheel aka scaif.
This invention allowed him to polish every facet of the diamond so well that it optimized the reflection of light inside the stone. It was after this that diamonds began to be used in jewelry.

Van Berkem was the first to invent the now-familiar symmetrical arrangement of facets on the stone, which led him to create the first Pear-shaped cut named Pandelock or Briolette.

Yet, today's one of the largest diamonds in the world, named the Star of Africa, also has a Pear-shaped cut, although a special cut of 74 facets was developed for it.

What Are Pear Loose Diamonds?

As usual, we can see diamonds that are already embedded in jewelry. This is a good choice when you are delighted by a ready-made piece of jewelry. When you want to get a real exclusive you can buy so-called loose diamonds that are already cut to a certain shape but still are not embedded in metal. If you want to find excellent pear cut diamonds you can use Search Aura Diamonds platform or go to Aura Diamonds jewelry store showroom or get on order online.

Pear-shaped loose diamonds are a great purchase when you want to order an exclusive piece of jewelry and when you want to invest money in diamonds. This type of cut requires the highest level of skills from the jeweler so Pear diamonds are often costly.

What Is the Uniqueness of Pear-Cut Diamonds?

Besides its fascinating look, there are several reasons to call a diamond drop a really unique masterpiece. This hybrid cut has its uniqueness as it combines the brilliance of two cuts at once. One of its sides is designed similarly to the Round shape and another has all the features of the Marquise cut.

Talking in numbers, a typical number of facets for Pear-cut diamond is 58, yet there are varieties with 57 or 56 facets. Its pavilion can have from 4 to 8 facets and sometimes, for the edge point, a French technique with several small facets instead of one bigger can be used.

There are no strict standards for a Pear shape. Some gems can be cut into a bit angular shape due to using so-called high shoulders. The best gems cut into Pear shape have polished roundist, rounded base and plain shoulders. When all proportions are met, the gemstone can visually lengthen the fingers and look spectacular.

One more unique feature that is peculiar for this cut, is its high requirement for the color of the gem. As the color is highly visible on the pointed edge, only high-class diamonds with H and more mark of color suit to be cut into Pear.

Pros & Cons of Pear Cut

When you are choosing a diamond to buy, the knowledge about the pros&cons of every cut type will come in handy. When we talk about Pear cut for the diamond, there are several pros you should consider.

  • For Pear-cut diamonds, the extremely high play of light and sparkling is normal due to the combo of two cuts in one gem.
  • This cut is used both for small gems and for bigger ones looking fascinating and deluxe.
  • For Pear cut, only high-class gems are used so you'll get a really fine diamond if it is cut into Pear shape.
  • This type of cut looks good almost in every piece of jewelry from engagement rings to studs and single drop-designed pendants.

As for drawbacks, they are only a few of them:

  • This cut doesn't work with low-quality diamonds.
  • Gems cut into Pear shape can be costly.
  • In some cases, a bowtie effect can occur. This effect, which appears in stones with a high refractive index, is most often evaluated for diamonds. The optical effect is manifested in the form of a dark transversely oriented shadow in the central part of the stone on the wedge-shaped faces of the pavilion in elongated diamond cuts. It is caused by the inconsistency of the angle of inclination of the sides of the pavilion in the place of occurrence of the effect with the angle of optimal reflection due to the deviation of the shape from the symmetry of the circle. In a high-quality cut, the effect is insignificant.

4cs for Pear Diamonds

As for all gems, for the Pear-shaped diamond, 4Cs are very important to consider.

  • The first parameter that is cut is defined.
  • When it comes to color choice, for a Pear-shaped diamond, it is required that the gem should be no less than of H-mark.
  • The clarity for this cut is also important, as inclusions may cause unnecessary optical effects.
  • As for the carat number, for this shape, all the sizes of a stone could be used. If you look at a 1.5-carat Pear-shaped diamond, it may resemble a dewdrop or a raindrop. For larger stones, its shape may be more exquisite, yet attractive.

Why Is It Important to Launch an Expert When Choosing and Setting a Pear-Shaped Stone?

This cut is among the most complex to evaluate. Due to its complex shape, a bowtie effect that can occur and high requirements to the color, the help of an experienced jeweler will come in handy when choosing that type of gemstones. A professional jeweler will examine the gem evaluating its color and carat number, the symmetry of edges and shoulder height. With professional help, you can get the best diamond for a reasonable price.

What Settings Can We Choose for Pear-Shaped Diamonds?

As this cut is almost universal, there are lots of options on how to embed it in the piece of jewelry. Starting from the classics that are diamond rings with 2ct Pear-shaped diamond and up to fantasy-styled jewelry with multiple gems in the setting.

As for rings, Pear diamond looks luxurious as solitaire and surrounded by a halo of smaller gems. If you want to get several Pear-shaped gems, take a look at a three-stone design.

How to Make a Pear-Shaped Diamond Choice Even More Convenient? 

You are welcome to our web store to get the perfect diamond or a piece of jewelry with natural diamonds of a Pear shape. We have tried our best to make your purchase even more convenient. To choose a gem with comfort, please, use our filters on the top of the page to select the proper size, clarity, color of a gem.

Besides, you can apply for the help of Aura store's jewelers who are eager to help you with your choice. Using their recommendations and tips, you'll get a diamond you dreamt of with fast delivery and for an affordable price.