The best princess cut diamonds in our online diamonds store

Princess cut diamonds is a very common type of diamond shape. It appeared in the middle of the twentieth century, and its popularity at the moment is in great demand. A third of diamond buyers stop at precisely this shape of diamond.

The princess diamonds can be suitable for those who just want to make a gift, or make a marriage proposal. Given the faceting of the ring, most of our customers choose this ring for the wedding. With this diamond, your gift or wedding will not be forgotten.

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The most popular shape of diamonds is 1 carat princess cut diamonds. You can find this size in our online store, using sorting by the size of diamonds.

In fact, the sizes of diamonds are many shapes of a princess diamonds. In our store you can find smaller sizes than one carat or larger. As a rule, such a carat size is necessary for your ring or in general a combination of diamond and ring.

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