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4C is a gemstone pricing standard by a specialized institute of America (GIA), developed back in the 1950s. The cost of the finished stone is estimated according to this system by four parameters: weight, color, Cleanliness (presence of defects), Cut quality. The procedure includes comparing the finished stone with a reference (another diamond), after which a corresponding certificate is issued.

The weight

Diamonds have their own weight scale, which is expressed in carats (1 carat - 0.2 grams). The higher the weight category of the stone, the higher the cost per 1 carat.

The Color

For diamonds, including princess cut stones, the color (hue) affects the value. The most expensive diamonds are colorless. They are designated with the letter D according to the GIA system, and the cheapest - Z have a yellow tint. The more pronounced the shade, the cheaper the stone. He is assigned the corresponding marking (letter) in the certificate.

Exceptions are some of the strong colors associated with fantasy-cut stones, which include princess-cut diamonds.


In the GIA system, there are 11 grades of stone clarity: from FL (there are no defects, cracks, chips) to l1, l2, l3 (there are defects at 10x magnification, which significantly affect the transparency and refraction of a diamond's light).

The cleaner the stones, the higher their value. But there are exceptions. This applies to some individual stones, which is determined individually.

Cut quality

The most important factor that can double the cost of a finished diamond. The stone pattern should be symmetrical with perfect geometric shapes. The stone must be perfectly polished, without streaks or scratches on its edges. The cut must maximize the potential of the stone. You should get a diamond that will reflect light as much as possible at the right angle. The stone must play with light! The quality of stones from "Search Aura diamonds" corresponds to the above listed characteristics.

Anatomy of a Princess Cut

As with other types of cut, the "princess" has:

Crown - The upper part of the diamond (everything above the girdle, the widest part of the stone). The crown is the face of a cut diamond, its business card. Thanks to the “crown”, princess cut diamonds radiate the main brilliance.

Facets of the star - 8 wedges adjacent to the platform (the largest facet of the diamond). The correct shape and cut of these wedges visually form a star shape, which is why they got their name.

Pavilion - The lower part of the diamond, which refracts the light and reflects it into the upper part - the “crown”. With the right proportions, the pavilion adds depth to the brilliance and reflected light of the stone. When you deviate from the ideal cutting angles, the light reflected from the pavilion is scattered and the stone becomes dimmer.

Princess cut natural diamonds have 49 facets (when cut in 2 tiers) or 57/65 facets (3 or 4 tiers of cut, respectively).

What are loose princess cut diamonds?

"Princess" is a newfangled cut that incorporates the sophistication of a modern-style diamond. As a rule, princess cut diamonds are square stones (less often rectangular ones) that look great both on a sophisticated woman's hand and in jewelry for men.

Combining even angles, natural princess cut diamonds have not lost that charm and mesmerizing depth. On the contrary, this cut reflects light much better (in comparison with the classic one) and maximizes the hidden potential of the diamond. Peering into the drawing of the stone across the platform, you can drown in its lines and shapes.

The most popular diamond cut is the princess cut. Princess cut diamonds are profitable to buy. In the process of making diamonds, less weight of the stone is lost, which has a positive effect on the cost of a cut diamond. 

How to choose princess loose diamonds online using Search Aura diamonds?

There are many benefits to buying from Search Aura diamonds online. Firstly, you do not worry about the safety of the cargo. The supplier or courier service takes over this function.

You can choose the necessary stones in a relaxed atmosphere, sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the monitor. Moreover, all the necessary information is in front of you on the pages of our website. The reliability of information and technical characteristics is confirmed by appropriate certificates, and the quality of stones from "Search Aura diamonds" will not leave you indifferent.

However, if you want to independently check the quality of our diamonds, it will be more convenient to visit our showroom on your own, where you can make sure of the unsurpassed quality of our stones. You can also negotiate the purchase of unique natural princess cut diamonds on the most favorable terms.

Princess cut diamond can be good for: 

Princess cut diamonds are versatile! They are suitable both for a gift, in the form of engagement rings, and for engagement or wedding rings. The shape of the diamond is such that it can be fixed in the product in different ways, transforming the style of the ring. Princess-cut natural diamond rings are a modern solution for any significant day in your life and the lives of your loved ones!

What metal can you choose for Princess cut diamonds engagement rings?

Princess stones go well with any precious metals (platinum, gold). However, their maximum play of light is best achieved in white metal products. But if you prefer yellow gold - no problem! You can set a princess or oval cut diamond in a white insert on yellow metal for a rich and irresistible look too! Princess cut natural diamonds - love white metal!

Loose princess cut diamonds wholesale in Dallas, TX

We always have exclusive offers for wholesale buyers. We invite you to visit our diamond store, where consultants will offer a variety of products of our company on the best terms. The favorable environment created by us will make you feel at home, and you could calmly consider our proposals and make a choice.

Most popular Questions about: Princess cut diamonds quality, choosing and comparing


Are Princess Cut Diamonds cheaper than Round Cut Diamonds?

Yes! The unique method of cutting diamonds allows you to reduce waste during production, making their cost significantly lower than that of classic, round-shaped diamonds.

 Are Natural Princess Cut Diamonds cheaper than Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamonds?

Artificial diamonds are much cheaper than natural ones. Therefore, our natural princess cut diamonds will cost more than artificial ones.

 Does the price of princess diamonds go up?

The fact is that with regular global inflation, the cost of the money itself decreases. And the diamond remains “priceless”. We can say that the cost of a princess cut diamond will never fall, but will only increase.

 Are princess cut diamonds more sparkly than other shapes?

It all depends on the parameters of the cut (angles). If the manufacturer wants to keep the weight of the stone as much as possible, such a “princess” will “play with light” less. But if you cut the stone at the right angle, the diamond will not yield to the round analogue with the play of light. The quality of the stones from "Search Aura diamonds" goes beyond the weight saving of the diamond.

How to choose Princess cut Diamond For Investment?

It is better to invest in large stones that have no flaws. Such diamonds have always been, are and will be in price, which increases over time.

Princess cut natural diamonds are durable. This is the best one to choose for investment.