Aura Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Diamond shape trends may come and go, but the cushion cut diamonds will always have a firm place with popular diamond shapes. The one carat cushion cut diamond being less expensive than the one carat round brilliant diamond still offers a similar look. The cushion cut diamonds is the only diamond with 4 round corners offering a great combination of round and square in one. Cushion shape diamonds are cut with a similar brilliant cut like the round, making it a perfect choice for a variety of engagement ring designs. In Dallas, Texas we are often requested to recreate vintage designs with the use of the modern cushion shape. The modern cushion shape diamond most resembles some vintage cuts from centuries past allowing the customer to create the look they desire.

Like the princess cut, the cushion cut diamonds can be cut rectangular as well as square. Depending on the style of the engagement ring and her personal taste the shape of the diamond is important, the squarer it is, the more brilliant. A long cushion cut is still brilliant, but it may lose light within the middle of the diamond. Long cushion cuts have a similar appeal like the oval cut. The long look offers length to her hand and can command amazing attention.  Regardless of the shape, more square or rectangular, the 'pillow' shape sets a romantic tone. 

In Dallas, Texas we are seeing an increasing demand in the cushion cut as the center of an engagement ring. Its soft lines and incredible brilliance looks perfect in many styles of engagement rings, but the cushion cut offers a lot of opportunities in fine jewelry accessories, as well.  Being less expensive than round diamonds, the cushion cut is often used in fashion jewelry as an alternative to the round. They present themselves as beautiful diamond pendants, eternity bands and tennis bracelets. Long cushion cut have been used diamond pendants or elaborate necklaces. A single cushion cut diamond is beautiful as a solitaire on the hand or as diamond stud earrings. The lively and exciting cushion cut is the perfect shape for jewelry today.