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When we talk about diamonds the first we can imagine is a round gem of extra purity and radiation. It is really so as the Round cut for diamonds is an eternal classic. Due to their shape and number of facets, its sparkling beauty is overwhelming.

Round-cut or pear cut diamonds are not rare as this type of cut is widely used in jewelry art. How are they made? The origins of the perfect round cutting date back to the mid-17th century, when cutters began to use more sophisticated methods for cutting diamonds. Earlier cuts were known as Mazarin, after their creator, Cardinal Mazarin, who created his first perfect cut in 1650.

This cut went through a series of changes in the 18th century, and in 1700 it gave birth to the Portuguese Peruzzi cut, aka 'old mine' or 'old European cut'. The perfect round diamond was not created until 1919; at that time this cut was called the Tolkowski cut.

Today cutting diamonds is craftwork that is performed with hi-tech solutions. At the first stage, the mineral selected for cutting is scanned and fully measured to create a 3D model of the gem in special software. All defects of the stone and its characteristics are included in the model. Depending on them, the jeweler decides how to saw the gem and what cut to select. Sawing of a diamond is performed using a classical copper disk or with the help of a laser. After that, a precise work of grinding begins.

The perfect round cut is the most popular shape, accounting for over half of all diamonds sold. Although the perfect round cut was invented in Europe, it is sometimes referred to as the American perfect cut. With its 58 facets, a crown, girdle and pavilion, with a typical ratio of 1.00 - 1.02, this stone has maximum brilliance as this cut emphasizes its natural beauty.

The perfect round cut is the most researched cut; For over a century, diamond cutters have used advanced scientific theories of light reflection and precise mathematical calculations to optimize its brilliance.

What Does It Mean Round Loose Diamond?

Seeking a gem to create unique jewelry or to invest money directly in diamonds requires buying a stone without setting i.e. single diamond without a ring or a pendant. These types of gems are called loose round diamonds.

People often prefer buying exactly loose gems for several reasons.

  • Loose diamonds are a value themselves. Yet, you do not overpay for jewelry that contains a diamond, just a fair price for the stone.
  • Everyone strives to be unique and get extraordinary decorations to complete the image. With loose diamonds, you can order a piece of jewelry with your own design.
  • The price matters. As loose diamonds sometimes are cheaper than gems already fixed in a ring.

What Benefits Do Round-Cut Diamonds Have?

  • This cut is the most optically effective cut.
  • The round diamond boasts one of the best rough diamond product yields, which means optimally good prices for buyers.
  • A round diamond cut has a maximum optical effect, providing brilliance and shimmer as the stone shines and dances in the passing light.
  • This cut is specially made for diamonds, but today it is used for all types of gemstones.
  • It suits almost every setting when choosing wedding rings with round diamonds. It looks exquisite in the solitaire setting, pave rings, three-stone rings, halos etc.

Pros&Cons of Round-Cut Gemstones

We've depicted main benefits that cut has. Adding to them, we should say that the round cut is a classic. Besides, in round-cut diamonds, all the drawbacks that rough diamond had are almost invisible.

As for the cons that cut has, there are just a few of them.

  • When cutting round diamonds, a big amount of wastes remain.
  • It looks a bit old-fashioned as there are lots of other trendy cuts.

How to Define Whether Your Round-Cut Diamond Is Original?

All the diamonds are precisely classified due to special 4Cs – features that define the quality of a gem. If you want to get the full information about round diamonds, you can apply for their certificate where all 4Cs' parameters are depicted. 

What are they?

  1. Carat number defines the weight and the size of a gem. The more carat a diamond has, the bigger it looks.
  2. Cut – that is, the shape the diamond has.
  3. Clarity encloses the natural features of a gem. Clearwater diamonds have more pronounced brilliance, sparkle and refractive index are higher.
  4. Color. As usual, diamonds are colorless, yet in nature, symmetry and clarity is a rare thing so some gemstones can have a slightly yellow shade or grey shade. In color classification, diamonds from A to D have some color drawbacks, and from E to G they are more and more transparent.

What Carats Are the Most Popular for Round Cut?

As this type of cut is used almost everywhere, for all ring settings for Round-cut diamonds, you are welcome to choose the gem of any carat number. Smaller gems up to 1 carat are looking good in pave rings, while 2 or 4-carat diamond will play a solo in a solitaire ring or a pendant.

What Is the Best Setting for a Round Diamond

The most common uses for round diamonds are, of course, jewelry. This cut is recognized as a classic for wedding and engagement rings. It looks great as charm beads for necklaces, earrings, studs. For men, round diamonds are a good addition to watches or cufflinks.

And, of course, such a cut remains timeless, which is why many people choose round diamonds for investing money.

Round-Cut Diamonds Pricing in Aura Diamonds

If you compare prices for Round-cut diamonds, then in Dallas, you will see a fairly wide range of gemstones and, at the same time, a wide range of prices. So, in Aura Diamonds, the starting price for such diamonds starts at $ 250 per 0.15 carat stone. But competitors for stones of less weight (0.10) carat cost more. For small diamonds, clarity and color are usually not very important. But a similar trend continues for large diamonds. At the same time, in the Aura,  you can see the detailed characteristics of each stone that interests you.

How to Choose a Round-Cut Diamond with Ease?

In Aura Diamonds, we do care about our customer's comfort. That's why we developed a special aid tool that will help you to find the gem you actually want to get. Evaluate our website filter option. Just use a filter slider to choose settings for your perfect diamond match. You are welcome to choose all 4Cs with that option. Decide the number of carats, choose the cut you are fascinated with and try other options concerning color and clarity level. In our web store, we have round diamonds in a variety of options to fulfil your demand.

How do Aura Diamonds Jewelers Can Help in Choosing Diamonds?

One more benefit you get from applying to Aura's web store is our extended consulting option available for every customer. Our jewelers are always in touch with customers providing them with detailed consulting about the size of a diamond, its coloring and cut. Aura Diamond jewelry pros will help you to get a diamond that's right for you. Contact us via phone to get a free consultation from jewelry experts.