The round cut diamonds is probably the most popular of the diamond shapes cut today. Buy round diamonds in Dallas and Fort-Worth, TX. Best wholesale prices in Texas.

The round brilliant cut diamond is an example of pure excellence. The outline has been used as a symbol of perfect proportions. What makes it so perfect is its round shape. Creating a round diamonds allows the cutter to focus on basic principles of light reflection and refraction. As simple as the principles may be, the creation of a brilliant gem is far from simple. Before World War II the round brilliant was cut most by hand and aligning the diamond by sight.  Today, we use digital and laser technology to aid the cutter to maximize brilliance. Diamonds were never as brilliant as they were in the latter half of the twentieth century. Thanks to the precision of cut the 4Cs are complete and cut is the main reason why any diamond sparkles.  If the diamond is cut too shallow or too deep, the diamond will lose light through the side or the bottom of the diamond. When it is cut proportionately, the diamond will sparkle with an almost magical quality that captures the eye. Today, round diamonds are graded from Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair to Poor. The differences may be noticeable to many, but diamonds given a good cut are still very brilliant.