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1 carat cushion cut diamond


Among all the cuts, it is a cushion diamond that stands out from others by its flowing lines that create the vision of a soft pillow when looking from above. Even a 1-carat cushion diamond affects by that feeling of softness combined with expressive glance and sparkling. 

1 carat cushion cut diamond

What Is 1-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond

Even in 1-carat cushion cut diamonds or one carat emerald cut diamonds size, natural diamonds faceted into cushion cut have some peculiarities, They have quite wide facets and their convex sides provide an exquisite trick of the light. Besides, the most wonderful sparkles in 1-carat cushion-cut gems are seen in the candlelight, not under the sun or electricity.  

This very special shape of a 1-carat cushion-cut diamond allows to use it both as a 1-carat loose cushion cut diamond and in various prongs. This allows subsequently to use these gems in various settings in all types of jewelry. Especially cute are cushion diamonds in rings.  

How Big Is a 1-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond?

Modern jewelers often use cushion cuts for fancy colored stones. It conveys all the optical properties of minerals, demonstrating their advantages and hiding possible disadvantages. One of the merits that cushion cut brings with it, is that 1-carat cushion cut diamond on finger always looks bigger than any other gem of the same carat number. Due to its convex side facets, the gem looks bigger and its color looks more intense. That is why cushion cut is often used for fantasy-colored diamonds. So you can choose it for any ring you want to get. 

1-Carat Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

A 1-carat cushion cut diamond ring is an extraordinary choice. But if you consider that that cut is an official symbol of the well-known Tiffany jewelry brand, you'll definitely like an idea to choose it for your engagement ring. Besides, one of the biggest cushion diamonds decorates the crown of the British Queen Elisabeth II. So if you want the ring for engagement looks really royally, it is a 1-carat cushion you can get for it. Especially if you choose a halo setting with lots of the smallest diamonds surrounding your cushion diamond.

1-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Jeweler's Estimate

From the point of view of a professional jeweler, the cushion cut is the perfect choice for colored diamonds. It is also good for sapphires, but for pure water diamonds that are completely colorless, it is better to choose a different type of cut. But thanks to the special proportions and the refraction of light rays, the natural color of a diamond with such a cut will look even brighter and more unusual.

Is a Cushion Cut Diamond More Expensive - 1-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Prices?

For a 1-carat cushion-cut diamond, the price is always quite reasonable. But be aware that if you are offered extremely low pricing for a diamond like that, it could be a bogus deal. Better prove you are offered conflict-free diamonds. To do this, apply for a 1-carat cushion diamond ring with a GIA certificate as this gem will certainly be high-quality and of fair pricing. In Aura, we offer only conflict-free diamonds thoroughly cut by our jewelers into a perfect cushion shape.